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My Baby

Children My Baby Collection Firma Preziosi 


Game, as dimension of spontaneity and happiness, strongly emerges in this collection: coloured, playful and light-hearted. The curiosity of discovering the world is represented through animals and objects; ladybugs, bees, small airplanes..but also masks and shells become symbols of a care-free youth. Bracelets, earrings and pendants of gold and coral, make the perfect gift for special occasions.

Magic Lady

Granulation Spherules Magic Lady Collection Firma Preziosi


Brilliance and magic of colours caress the soft lines of Magic Lady Collection, bringing us back in time..To ancient times: the era of Etruscan Artisans. Through the use of granulation technique, these peculiar spherules create jewels that recall ancient style, with a classy modern twist.

Ilary Collection

Filigrana Ilary Collection Firma Preziosi


Brilliance and colour are the key words of Ilary Collection. The peculiar filigree manufacturing reminds of antique hand-made embroidery. A classy but frisky collection, able to give a touch of originality and joy.


Love Line

Collection Love Line Firma Preziosi


The knots of these earrings and necklaces, obtained by processing Hollow profiles, offer the best representation of union: that magic alchemy of feelings that accompany our lives through Time. For a Collection of romantic touch.


Grace Collection

Filigree Grace Collection Firma Preziosi


Floral patterns on gold and silver, characterize the elegance of this collection; the filigree enhance the refinement of these shapes, in a unique timeless style. Jewels, that become iconic flair and everlasting panache.


Hard Rock

 Hard Rock Collection Firma Preziosi


This collection urban style takes shape through combining dynamism of geometric shapes, with the lightness reached through the Hollow-tube manufacturing technique.. and the rhythm is bold. Pendants, earrings and bracelets, to give a daily grit to your look. Pleasant surprise, the cubic pendants to customize to your own taste.

Firma Preziosi

"Every day a new surprise, the magic of  jewelry"


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